Sunday, April 29, 2012

Clan Team Murder/Death/Kill Op 4-29-12

201 out of 25883. 'Nuff said. 

New member as well, please give a warm welcome to [Pony] ESC Pink. Havn't played with her myself, but word on the street is she's a cool gal.

No more clan ops are listed yet, so we might have a while to just chill and relax. We'll have time to do clan favorites like "2 teams, 6 juggernauts" or "what's down the well?" Might be fun. Anyway, good work all, let's keep those gold medals rollin' in!

Saturday, April 28, 2012

We are the 0.115% - Sticky Fingers 4-28-2012

A lot of you have already seen this, but our cadre of illustrated equine enthusiasts has performed exceptionally in today's clan operation. For starters, we had excellent turnout; 16 people participated with two full parties and change. Certainly a welcome change to see new faces mixed in with the usual crowd! Also worth a quick mention, well...

We placed 38th out of over 33,596 clans. 

The detailed breakdown is after the jump!

Immovable Force 4-27-2012

We recently had a clan ops for Hardcore TDM. Although most of us don't play/dislike this game mode, some of clan mates decided to still give it a shot in order to get the gold badge for our clan. Unfortunately, our clan received a silver badge, but we came really close to gold. Our performance was due to the lack of premium members. Initially, there were four participants, but this number dropped to two. Near the end of the ops the number rose back to three, however, it was not enough to boost our kill count.

Congratulations are in order for our clan mates that put up with this game mode. You guys rock. Woohoo.

NOTE: We have a domination clan op this Saturday around noon. There is also a TDM clan op on Sunday that we hope to enlist in. Get on to the COD internetz and show the noobs the power of friendship, everypony!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Immovable Force sign-ups

Hey all, it's your friendly neighborhood JiaJohn. This Friday at 6PM EST there's another clan operation - immovable force, which is hardcore team deathmatch. Now usually we'd be on top of this, but a good chunk of our group (Mars, Whaar, me, others) will not be around Friday night, so we just wanted to see who might be available. So far FlutterguyPwny and Awe Rapture are down, but we'd like to see at least four more folks tell us that they're down for the operation! Sign your name below if you're up for conquest in the name of MLP.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

All Aboard the Friendship Express

So, here's what a lot of people have been waiting for: we're going to start adding new ponies to the clan. The basics are after the jump.

You Just Might Be Invited to a PARTY!

Hey all, fresh bronies are coming in to the fold so be ready to see some new faces. As the self-designated head of the MLP Department of Social Goings-On, I'll be making a comprehensive list of the new guys so they don't end up being wall flowers for the first few weeks (or months . . . War Musician, Mazzocchi and DarkP3nguin I'm lookin' at you guys!). I'll also put up a list of some of our more active players so the newbies can find a friendly brony if they need a wingman in-game. As always, let me know if you find some good MLP material, we've still got spots open!


So these commission prizes are taking me waaaay longer to complete than the pace of new clan ops. I might have to make this, like, a lifetime achievement award, or something. Anyway, shouts out to REALBAUS, our terrifying monster who singlehandedly scares away entire clans!

Lethal Jeweler 4-22-2012

Great job, everypony! Even though a lot of us couldn't make it, JiaJohn, Apple Dash, Punsy, Rapture, War Musician, and Dark Penguin saw us through to another top 1% performance! Also, shoutouts to our indispensable support ponies, in particular Yay Fluttershy and Data404! Strong work all around.

That's 244 out of 24745 , for anyone who's keeping track.

In other amusing news, remember our top 50 performance, 44 out of 29909? Well, turns out we did even better than that, 43 our of 29907!

lulz somebodies ahead of us got banned

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Lethal Jeweler 4-21-2012

Nice work, everypony! Here's the op leaderboard:

Eyup, we set a new clan record for kills confirmed! Great job, JiaJohn, Awe Rapture, Dear Leader, War Musician, and PrismaticRope! Also, thanks to all the support ponies out there; I know REALBAUS was doing work, and I'm sure we had other ponies we couldn't have won without!

Also, not to shout too much about it, but...

WE RANKED 44 OUT OF 29909.

I don't think there's much else that needs to be said. Great job, everypony! We really showed them the magic of friendship.

Coöp Warriors 4-20-2012

We kicked some serious flank during the recent TDM clan ops and we have our stats to prove it.  Overall, our clan placed 264 out of 31824 clans that participated. This puts us in the top 1%!

Our supreme leader, MarsBringer, took the lead with 409 kills. o Apple Dash o took 2nd with 387 kills and Wharrrrrrgarbl taking 3rd with 338 kills. I want to thank everypony for participating in other exciting clan ops

Addendum by Wharrrrrrgarbl: I'd like to also congratulate everybody on setting a new record for TDM kills for us - the most we had previously managed was 1800 or so. Great job!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Lethal Jeweler 4-19-2012

Good job, everypony! Sorry I couldn't make it; I was on call. I'm pretty pleased to see these results, though!

We'll also be sending our regrets to inactive players this Saturday, so let us know that you'd like to stay if you haven't already! After that, we'll get some more information up about tryouts and what we're looking for. Stay tuned for some new faces!

Incidentally, this is exactly what we want our Kill Confirmed op leaderboards to look like - high scores from our scoring guys, and a few unavoidable pickups from our fantastic support crew. I'll update this post when the final rankings are out.

And here they are! 292 of 28536 clans! That's... 0.02% short of the top 1%. >_<

I other news, when I piss and moan about reaching the top 100 or top 1%, or whatever, I feel like...

... this.

Here's JiaJohn and REALBAUS.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Immovable Force 4-17-2012, and a call to all conscripts!

Great job tonight pulling gold in hardcore team deathmatch! Our opponents were myriad and their tents were firmly ensconced, but our Pony-fu (and UAV's) were best. Heads up though, there's more work to be done! Three more clan ops are approaching in rapid succession: Kill Confirmed on Thursday at 5PM EST, Team Deathmatch on Friday at 11PM EST and more Kill Confirmed Saturday at 1PM EST. While I'd love to have us signed up for all three of these and steamroll our way to gold, I'd rather not risk having no one show up and finding ourselves with silver or, God forbid, the Bastard Brown Stigma whose name we shalt not speak. If any of you are interested in participating and you think you have a good shot at being there for at least most of a clan op, please comment and let us know so we can figure out whether to enlist in these upcoming events.

I'll most likely be available for all three operations, so we'd need at least three more premium members for the Kill Confirmed and four more for Team Deathmatch (it's actually a bit tough to get gold with only 5 members). Non premium members, we need your help too, especially in Kill Confirmed!

On another note, the Culling approaches and soon we'll have a few extra spaces in the clan. I know we havn't been looking at any new members in a while, but if you've any friends who play a lot and may or may not have watched a few episodes of MLP, please do direct them our way. Meanwhile, I've e-mailed Equestria daily and they will put up our info and a description of us in their nightly roundup; if we mention that we're basically the highest level MLP group and that we're close to getting the 6 hour double XP bonus, we should be able to get a few players there. Let's get more members and clomp our way through more clan ops - the herd that murders together, stays together.

Monday, April 16, 2012


As noted in this post, we're going to be reviewing the current clan roster for activity on Saturday.


There are several people who have already gotten in touch with us, and we appreciate it.


I think these two leaderboards tell 99% of what we need to know about these ops, but I'd like to mention that each was done at least one pony down the entire time. Also, while 2076 out of 26497 is respectable for the TDM op on Sunday afternoon, and I don't want to minimize the work War Musician and PrismaticRope did, big shouts out to JiaJohn, Our Dear Leader, and Apple Dash for pulling 817 out of 37309. That's in the top 3%, almost in the top 2%. I don't think there's much else to say.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Lethal Jeweler 4-16-2012

Hey, looks like the Kill Confirmed Op we signed up for starts at 2:00 PM EDT tomorrow, and it's TDM today at 6:00 PM. I know several of us won't be around due to being at work/school, so anybody who can, go for it! Hopefully we'll see some new names!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Lethal Jeweler 4-13-2012

First thing I want to say is, great job, everyone! Everything went about as smoothly as we could have hoped, from having two competently run lobbies to having all around good support by non-premium members for scoring members. If you check out the op leaderboard, the ranking actually alternates between members of the two lobbies, suggesting to me that for some game types, splitting the premium members and having non-premium members supporting them can be a winning strategy. That said, we owe some thanks and congratulations to our excellent clan mates REALBAUS and Yay Fluttershy; their kills became our confirms. Anyway, before we get to the postmortem stats, check out this video from the op:

Our opponents' attitude was pretty representative of the night. Amusingly, we followed them through a few lobby attempts to form games. We really wrecked most of our opponents.

Now, here's our op leaderboard. 155/26355 clans is nothing to sneeze at, and we're making progress toward that top 100 goal. So, good job Apple Dash and War Musician! Thanks for coming out, everyone who contributed!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

What Does Rapid Fire Do on SMGs?

This post is going to be exactly what it says on the tin. Above is an example of the kind of video I used to get the numbers I'm about to disgorge; I looked for the frame in which the first bullet disappears from the magazine indicator in the HUD, then the frame where the last one disappeared, and used that to count how many frames elapsed while emptying the magazine. There are a few guns that varied despite me just holding down both triggers during the test; this is either due to glitches in my capture setup, glitches in my xBox, or variations due to the reloading animations. It's hard to tell, but there were no discrepancies larger than 7 frames on the unmodified MP7, or an average of 0.175 frames per bullet.

The frames per bullet values are pretty self explanatory, and divide the SMGs into two tiers; the PM-9 and PP90M1 shoot noticeably faster at about the same rate, and the rest of the SMGs shoot at approximately the same rate. The boosts from Rapid Fire are similarly tiered; the PM-9 and PP90M1 get a large bonus to their fire rate and, hence, DPS, while the other SMGs all get approximately the same boost, with one notable exception.

The MP7 gets very little benefit from Rapid Fire, and may not be worth using. I'm sympathetic to the idea that a 10% boost in damage can make a difference, but I haven't been able to crunch the numbers in a way that makes a strong case one way or the other. It is definitely less useful than on the other SMGs, though.

In conclusion, here are the SMGs compared a few ways:

 Ordered by benefit they get from Rapid Fire, most to least.
  •   PM9        31-34% reduction in frames or 23.8-25.6% increase in speed
  •   PP90M1 32% reduction in frames or 24.3% increase in speed
  •   P90         22-25% reduction in frames or 19.3-20.1% increase in speed
  •   UMP45  20-23% reduction in frames or 16.6-18.8% increase in speed
  •   MP5       20% reduction in frames or 16.6% increase in speed
  •   MP7       10-15% reduction in frames or 9.5-13.1% increase in speed

Ordered by rate of fire without rapid fire, fastest to slowest.
  •   PM9,        3.81-3.9 frames per bullet
  •   PP90M1, 3.8888888 frames per bullet
  •   MP7,        4.225-4.4 frames per bullet
  •   P90,          4.8-4.88 frames per bullet
  •   MP5,        4.833333 frames per bullet
  •   UMP45,   4.84 frames per bullet

Ordered by rate of fire with rapid fire, fastest to slowest.
  •   PM9 Rapid Fire,         2.9 frames per bullet
  •   PP90M1 Rapid Fire,   2.91666-3.3125 frames per bullet
  •   MP5 Rapid Fire,          3.83333-3.866666 frames per bullet
  •   MP7 Rapid Fire,          3.825 frames per bullet
  •   P90 Rapid Fire,            3.9-3.92 frames per bullet
  •   UMP45 Rapid Fire,      3.9375-4.03125 frames per bullet

The raw numbers are after the jump.

Lethal Jeweler 4-13-2012

Okay, guys, the first Kill Confirmed clan op is Friday, and we happen to have a KC monster in our clan. Let's destroy some chumps, get a ton of tags, and get our gold groove back!

Note: it starts at 11:30 PM EDT and runs until 2:30 EDT. Also, we'll have to switch our normal "No more tags! REALBAUS is going to get a MOAB!" strategy to one where we cap tags very quickly. Maybe we should consider short range weapons? Alternately, premium members rock riot shields and non-premium members wreck face.

Coöp Warriors 4-11-2012

Are you sure that's just a silver medal, Celestia? Seems kinda... big.

Wow. This is frustrating on so many levels. Not only is it our first silver, but we had less than 24 hours notice. Basically, the reason we got silver isn't even lackluster performance; it was 90% of the clan having no idea that an op was even happening. Regardless, as usual, War Musician was doing some serious work, so shoutouts for him! Here's the op leaderboard:

As you can see, Mars, War Musician, Punsy, and I were the only premium members who were there the whole time; John hopped in a little bit after it started, but ImScootaloo had to drop out early and Apple Dash didn't make it until the very end. So I think what this highlights is the need for a) Activision and their minions to get their shit together and post these with a little more notice and b) more active members.

Anyway, the other frustrating thing is that we ended up in 1298 out of some 12700 clans. Yeah, we were less than 30 spots from gold. Blarg.

Also worth noting is that when you write down that you're upset because your My Little Pony fan club didn't get a gold star for playing video games, it makes you sound like a crazy person. So, perspective: for basically getting this together on 20 minutes notice, silver ain't too bad. Also, we blame REALBAUS because if he had premium we'd have like 600 more points.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Internet Ponies are SRS BUSINESS

So it's time for some SRS BUSINESS. Mars and I and a few other people have been musing about the direction we want the clan to go, and here are some of our thoughts:
  • We like playing with cool people, and it seems like everypony else does, too. 
  • We also like winning, especially clan ops, where our IMPORTANT DIGITAL BADGES give us warm fuzzies every time thousands of clans filled with chumps don't get shiny gold ones.
  • It seems like there's a core group of players we see all the time, and a pretty big chunk of people we never ever hear from.
  • holy moly there are a ton of people who want to join the clan
 So, with that in mind, we started thinking about what we can do to make being part of the clan a better experience, as well as more interactive/community oriented. There are already a few things going on like Mars and me drawing for people who do well in ops, hopefully the highlight reel, etc., but we'd like to see more of everypony if they're interested. So, first things first, if you have any ideas you'd like to share, let us know. Second, we may get a forum going, so we can maybe get more back and forth vs. me on a soapbox.

The other thing about interaction and community building is that we're limited to 100 people, and if the stats on Elite are correct, there are people in the clan who have clocked less than ten hours of playtime, and quite a few who haven't played in almost two weeks. Now, there are a few people where we know what's going on and why we haven't heard from them, but I don't think it's unreasonable to expect that people in a MW3 clan play MW3, so we are going to look at the rosters again in two weeks (Saturday, April 21) and start clearing out people who appear to be inactive. That means that if you don't have any evidence of recent play on Elite, or some other way to let us know that you're still around, you have two weeks before you won't be rocking the [Pony] tag for the foreseeable future.

That said, the end goal is to get more ponies wrecking chumps, so the other part of this is that we'll be letting new people into the clan, something that hasn't happened in a while. We're not set on how we want to do this, but some variation of playing with people to make sure we get along is probably what's going to happen; we don't have a KD requirement, or anything, but it's important to us that the people we play with are cool. Given Call of Duty's player base, I think it's sadly necessary to note some minimum standards of conduct, to wit, don't be a horrible racist/sexist/homophobic asshole.
Just... don't make us feel like this.
Anyway, we should have some more news/discussion on these topics, but the basic thing to remember right now is that we'd like to see some signs of life from our clan mates. If you have any questions, please let us know.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Coöp Warriors 4-6-2012

It's that time again! Sorry for the short notice, but we have another clan op starting in two hours! Hope to see you all soon! We'll update this post afterward with the results.

Not bad.
 So here are the preliminary results! We had 13 people scoring, so it seems like the theme of the night is "not quite as many as last time". Either way, our unbroken streak of gold medals is pretty awesome, so shouts out to everypony who participated! REALBAUS did some real work, so I'll see if I can doodle something for him in the near future.