Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Sunday, January 29, 2012


So this post is on a topic that it took me a while to wrap my head around, since I use a lot of hip fired SMGs: kick. This video shows it pretty clearly:

A still image can actually provide an even clearer explanation of what's going on here:

Not sure what VLC did to the colors on that screenshot, but the overlay makes what's going on pretty clear: I started out aiming at the cannon, and ended up shooting the top of the wall. This creates two problems: you're not shooting where you initially aimed, and your gun is ruining your sight picture and making it impossible to tell where your target went. The good news is that fixing the first problem fixes the second. There are two ways to do that: the kick proficiency and just learning to adjust your aim.

Sadly, the kick proficiency could use some work:

If you rely only on the kick proficiency, your headshots will go too high, so really, most of what it's doing is eating a proficiency slot to let you adjust your aim less. Now, it's not like Kick has no place anywhere in the game. With guns like the L86 which end up with enormous kick, the time it takes to get to the end kick point is actually pretty noticeable, so if you don't have it, you have to compensate for the kick as you go (pro), pre-fire (not so pro), or spend a second or two getting your aim off the ground in front of your target (not at all pro). But, for many guns (e.g. MK14, Type 95, PP90M1), your proficiency slot is really better spent elsewhere.

Bottom line: hop into some private matches alone and play around with different guns to get a feel for how the different kick affects their playstyle. You may have been stuck using the ACR for all your assault rifle classes, or completely unable to use the LMGs, because of problems handling kick, but hopefully this will give you some insight and open up some new playstyles.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Guns That Make Carl Ragequit, Part 1: the Type 95

Okay, so I said this would be a continuing education blog, so why do I want to start with arguably the most broken gun in the game? Basically, I think it's pretty hard to get a handle on what is going on when you're dying constantly. So, without further ado, the Type 95:

Now, this video is not there to showcase my super pro gameplay - in fact, even in these clips of me killing a lot of dudes, there are a lot of bad decisions, and, frankly, a lot of bad aim. But, you can see how even without a lot of technical skill, that extreme killing power lets you know if your thinking is going in the right direction or not. Retreating at 0:44 was the right thing to do; calling in my UAV as soon as I got it at 1:00, when all these dudes knew exactly where I was, was stupid. Using the AUAV in the last clip, I predict where they're going, and get rewarded for that preparation. Now, the Type 95 won't cure all your bad habits - in fact, it can instill some new ones like how aggressive I got at 1:22, where I really should have died. But since it's a 3 round burst gun, using it will give you a lot of practice getting more precise with your aiming, and since it's so stupidly broken if you can aim, you'll get more of a chance to see if your technical skill or your yomi is the problem. Once you're more comfortable predicting opponents and aiming accurately and quickly, you can start working on other guns until you're MVPing lobbies with the KSG, Canterlot style.

Background information: when MW3 came out, the Type 95 was a two shot kill at close range, and a three shot kill at long range. It had very little recoil, pretty tight grouping, and even a pretty good hip fire. It got nerfed, so it's now a 4 shot kill at range, I think, but at short and mid ranges, one trigger pull is still all it takes if you can aim well.

Points for discussion:
1. Do you think there's a better gun for people to learn on? Do you think there are any features of the Type 95 which will make people worse players, rather than better?

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Bullets vs. Air Support

Hey, everypony. Welcome to Wharrrrrrgarbl's continuing Call of Duty education blog for the My Little Pony clan. Everypony should be sure to check back for written quizzes for type II CCE credits, and be sure to turn in your reading forms for type I credits. Please remember that you won't be permitted to use Type 95s or Strikers in official games without the appropriate certifications.


Regardless, I'll occasionally be tossing up some videos or articles I think are worth checking out and discussing here, in the hopes that those of us in the middle of the clan rankings can stop going 15-10 and start going 30-5, Canterlot style. First one after the jump.