Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Meet Your Clan Mate, iRainbowDash28

In this week's Meet your Clan Mate, iRainbowDash28 will be sharing his thoughts about MLP and gaming. A team player, he loves shooting down low kill streak air support with his Javelin. You can also expect him to put up UAVs for the team as well! Check the interview after the jump.

iRainbodDash28's Xbox Live Avatar

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Meet the Competition, Pakman3000

Update: Pakman writes to tell me that the new leader of the Elite clan is CantSt0pMeh. I'll see if I can track him down for his perspective, but Pakman's is also very unique. Worth a read, I think.

Next up on the interview block is Pakman3000, founder of US Military Gamers! This was transcribed from an xBox Live audio chat, and so isn't a word for word verbatim reproduction of our interview, but I did my damndest to come close. I'm a reasonably fast typist, but not a court stenographer, unfortunately. Transcript after the jump!

Friday, June 22, 2012

How people are finding us

Top 10 Search Keywords
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derpy hooves w/ sunglasses t shirt

epic mlp fim picture

Maybe I should put up a "how to MLP emblem" post.

Your Friday Moment of Zen

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Thursday Pop Music YouTube Whatever

If you have music suggestions, let me know in the comments! Silly pop music hats only!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Meet Your Clan Mate, Jojokanojojo

It's Wednesday again which means another Meet Your Clan Mate interview for your viewing pleasure. This week we have Jojokanojojo. A "recent" member to our growing [Pony] community, he loves to protect the clan with sweaters. Not only are they comfy but they protect you from bullets and explosions! If you hate dying to random things in MW3 or need a support pony, Jojo is the guy to pick up.

Jojokanojojo's OC
Don't forget to send me a message over Xbox live if you want to be interviewed for the next Meet Your Clan Mate. Now go check out the interview after the jump.

oD Marks is a very silly pony


Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Meet the Competition, lIIIIIHIIIIIl

Next up in our series of interviews is lIIIIIHIIIIIl, leader of the E=mc2 clan! These guys place in the top ten almost every time, so they're pretty serious business, but I had no idea how far their plans for world domination extended! Again, lightly edited due to some glitches with facebook chat, but check it out after the jump!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Lethal Jeweler 6-17-2012

Great job on 18th out of ~28k clans, everypony! We earned our awesome pony title! Here's the first ten ponies we need to thank:

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Sticky Fingers 6-16-2012

And we only have 48 exp to go until we earn our pony banner! Great showing by our top six today, coming in more than 150 caps ahead of our performance in the last Sticky Fingers op! Here's the leaderboard:

 Also, 96th out of 28515. Pretty beast, guys.

Immovable Force 6-16-2012

42nd place in such a horrible gametype. Not bad, everypony. A big round of applause for anypony who endured this nonsense for a full 3 hours so that we could get gold again.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Meet Your Clan Mate, Rapture Riot

On this week's Meet Your Clan Mate, Rapture Riot has decided to share some information about himself. Rapture is always a good teammate to have. Based on his loadouts and stats, he likes to diversify in different guns. He also plays a variety of games as well.
Rapture Riot's Xbox Live Avatar
If you want to be on the next Meet Your Clan Mate send a message to REALBAUS, not Wharrrrrrgarbl. Some of you guys have been sending it to the wrong person. Also do you guys like the weekly format or should I try to fit more interviews into each week? I might have to go around asking for interviews if there is a lack of participation. Check out the interview after the jump.

How to Dominate

Our Stickiest Pony, Punsy Charlatan, has put together a fairly detailed post about how he tops our Domination capture leaderboards. Check it out after the jump!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Meet the Competition, xLGx TheHammer1965

So I thought it might be nice to know a little more about the other top clans and tracked down xLGx TheHammer1965, leader of Lethal x Gaming! As winners of the past several KC ops, they certainly need no introduction, but there's a lot I didn't know about them. The full interview, only lightly edited for punctuation, is after the jump!

Future ClOps

So, I've been thinking a bit about the Domination and KC ops we'd like to compete in in the future, and it occurs to me that one crucial, foundational issue is teams and teamwork. For Domination, we will need very tight teamwork because the strategies are so much more involved than other gametypes, and for KC we'll need very tight teamwork because there is zero margin for error when it comes to attendance. Lethal x Gaming is regularly putting up 5000+ confirms, and if we are interested in ever having another champion badge, we'll need all of our collectors in full, six person teams the whole time.

This is why I think it's important that we lay down a more formal team structure ahead of time, rather than winging it for every op. Ideally, we'd have consistent teams of 8 who play with each other regularly and have committed the time to compete in clan ops; it's 8 rather than 6 so that there are some backup members for each team who already know the team members and can easily fit into their group flow. What might be more likely would be that we have several clan teams, including a float team whose job it is to disperse members to shore up other teams (and also play on their own as a team when that's not necessary).

There have been a lot of good ideas about what we can do for upcoming ops, but I think that consistent teamwork and professionalism are going to be the bedrock of any strategy. That means no absenteeism if you've committed to an op (yes, real life emergencies happen, but tell us! Don't just not show up). I know that there are some core groups of friends who already play together; mashing these together may be a good start for some teams. Let me know what you think in comments, but the official assignments later may look a little different: I'm sure o Apple Dash o, REALBAUS, Forsaken Genesis, Swiift v, JiaJohn, and MarsBringer would love to just stomp all over everything as a team, but we do want some semblance of team parity so we can maximize our clan's performance.

Finally, the bottom line is whether or not we're having fun, and the reason for all of this is that some of us have indicated that playing to win is a lot of fun. If it isn't for you, don't feel compelled to play with people or in a way that you don't like.

So if you are interested, let us know your team interests, gametype interests, role interests, and time availability below! I'll start:

Prefers Kill Confirmed, reasonably competent at TDM, will play Domination under duress.
Have some experience as a tag collector, also interested in playing support killstreaks for backup.
At work from 6AM to 6PM most weekdays and works some weekends, but can give notice. Otherwise available for 1-2 ops per weekend, perhaps 1-2 practice sessions per week.
Have discussed team formation with o Apple Dash o. Left at the team altar by REALBAUS. :'(

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Love and Tolerance

We've had some conduct issues recently. It really pains me that this needs to be said, but it's time to reiterate: there are some basic standards of human decency that we expect clan members to meet. Things that fall short of these standards include, but are not limited to:
  • Constantly screaming about how people who are doing things that annoy you are fags, kikes, niggers, spics, chinks, immigrants, etc. This is sadly a pretty big problem in the clan right now.
  • Getting so angry at fellow clan mates that you are calling them idiots, telling them to shut the fuck up, etc. We want to maintain a friendly and collegial atmosphere.
  • Talking about how much you would like to have sex with ponies, or read clopfics, or whatever. We don't care what you do in the privacy of your own home, but this is not an appropriate topic to inflict on everypony else.
Again, I can't believe that  we have to put this on the front page of the blog. This is a really low bar. But there are currently some clan members who consistently do not meet it, and it is important for everyone to know that this is not behavior that we condone, and if it continues we will not continue to associate with you.

In happier news, another gold for the clan in tonight's op! We're getting close to 40! Check it out after the jump.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

ClOpping Furiously

Nice job on the recent Domination and HC Kill Confirmed ops; good to see that even when a lot of us are taking a well-earned break, our clan's foundation is so strong that we're easily taking golds anyway. Here are the leaderboards:

On a related note, I think there's been a lot of interest in trying for a Domination champ badge. It'll be a steep climb, because we're nowhere near as close as we were when we started thinking about getting a KC champ badge, but for RenaissanceMan5's thoughts, check after the jump.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Meet Your Clan Mate, Yay Fluttershy

This week on Meet Your Clan Mate, we have Yay Fluttershy answering some questions about ponies and gaming. He’s the type of guy that likes to use guns that are quite often neglected. When enemy killstreaks are up in the air, you can expect him to shoot it down fairly quickly. Just don’t sneak up on him with Assassin. He doesn’t like that.

                                                                                            Steam ID: Yay Fluttershy
Yay Fluttershy's OC

Again, if you want to be interviewed send a message to me on xbox live. Don't forget to give me more questions! Check the interview after the jump.

Capping Domination Points

So, I've been thinking about other clan ops we could improve our standings in, and since we've heard rumblings that stuff like 5 riot shields + 1 killer in TDM may be considered boosting, it seems like Domination is the next gametype we can try to work our friendship magic on. Punsy Charlatan, our stickiest pony, regularly comes in 30-50 caps (that's 15-25%) ahead of the next runner up in Sticky Fingers ops, and told me that his tactic is smoke grenade/trophy system, lie down, cap, repeat. This could obviously be improved with pairs of cappers sticking close to each other; one drops the smoke, the other drops the trophy. We might be able to get some more smoke by having someone drop a javelin on the cap site, as well, after the cappers have run out of tactical grenades.

I'll need to test this, but I think points don't cap any faster once three people are on them. I guess this means the optimum group size would be 3 cappers, 3 support? Maybe the cappers drop tac inserts at some neutral point which will make it easier to catch up to the herd if (when) killed and the support guys are tossing smoke/trophy/javelin, as well as playing overwatch and so on? What do you guys think?

Also, Den Kirson's forum is great and I want to lick it. Check out this thread on run speed and domination spawns. Very interesting. Anyway, post your thoughts in the comments!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

(╯°□°)╯︵ ǝɯɐƃɐʇǝɯ ǝɥʇ

Nice job, everypony! Looks like the other top clans are adopting our strategy: Lethal x Gaming got 5,092 confirms. We flipped the metagame. Imitation really is the sincerest form of flattery.

We had some organizational problems and ended up with only 5 lobbies, not to mention xBox Live crapping itself every five minutes, but we still placed 6th out of 30,507. Thanks to everypony who participated, and a very solid showing from all 5 of our teams

Anyway, I think our work is done here. Lethal x Gaming is showing everypony the power of friendship pretty hardcore.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Immoveable Force 6-1-2012

Ranked 30th out of 28,680 clans. Shouts out to "JiaJohn", xXIxSNIPEZxXx, Mr Bad Touches, Dear Leader, Insulse, and Jojokanojojo! I'm currently on night call, so I have no idea what went down, but if you have a crazy story, let everypony know in the comments!