Monday, December 24, 2012

We need more ClOp turnout!

I know that the holidays are here and family members you don't like have descended upon you to pressure you into eating yams but we could have used a couple more good players over the weekend. That said the Clan Op this weekend ran smoothly (the one we WERE entered in, ahem, JiaJohn, ahem).

In an interesting change of pace and despite the fact I had a temperature of 102 yesterday I bucked up and led the pony nation to victory with 562 kills, meanwhile I Neospectre I would earn 496 kills after missing 15 minutes of the Op due to stuffing his face (we think). ForsakenGenesis, ThreaT Illusion, DestroyedMetal and VikingRunesmith were all game for holiday destruction and rounded off our scoring players list, that said only 17 ponies were active last night and half of those scored under 100 kills.

Next week still being designated party time it is foolish to expect a direct boost to turnout however after all the festivities and glitter and public drunkenness has subsided can we all attempt to be present, we have more than 6 great players and we can get overall wins and upset the tryhards! Again, I was at 102 yesterday and still put up muchos murderas. I leave you with a special video, where I use the biggest weapon in CoDs history.... It's on the kill feed!

Until then this is your Boastmaster General, Show-Off, Show-Stealer, SpecOps Scootaloo, SMG Sucker-Puncher and the best damn thing to happen to CoD Multiplayer since the banning of Braile on Hijacked.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Friday Moment of Zen BlOps 2 Edition

I wanted to bring this back, so if anypony has a video they would like to share send it to me.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Draw Something

Hey, does anyone else have Draw Something? I'm Wharrrrrrgarbl there, too.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Team Deathmatch, 12-16-2012

Pretty impressive performance - 22 of 24456 means a performance in the top 0.1%. Another big round of applause for | NeoSpectre |, and a slightly smaller, but equally validating one for our 20 team killers! I mean, like they kill as a team. Not like they get booted a lot.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Kill Confirmed 12-15-2012

Nice job, everyone! We had a pretty strong performance, not to mention that | NeoSpectre | is a total beast. He was running alone, for the record.

Looks like BlOps ClOps are starting to get a similar number of participants to MW3 ClOps, so we have our work cut out for us.

On that subject, the redesign of Elite has made lots of things less convenient to check, but please keep an eye out for operation dates and times. I bring this up because when this one started, there were a number of clan members who were online and playing, just not anything related to the op. Obviously, if you hate Kill Confirmed, we're not going to force you to play it, but if it's a matter of thinking that it doesn't matter if you play because someone else will get gold for us, well, you saw how that worked out last week. Anyway, shouts out to all 23 members who were on the leaderboard, and I hope to see even more names tomorrow!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Emblems 101: Snouts, Grins, and Masking

So, you may recall the simple, 5-shape silhouette I showed in the first installment of this series. Let's see how we can do a little more with it.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Emblems 097: Lesson 2, Eyes

So, in our last installment, we saw how you can make a passable pony silhouette with just a few layers. Eyes, unfortunately, take rather more layers, mainly because there aren't any good ways I know of to do the iris/pupil/light reflex complex in fewer than three layers. This means that each eye on a round-eyed pony will take 4 layers, minimum, and probably more like 5 or 6 once you put on eyelashes. That is, the eyes on a pony with both eyes open and visible will be roughly a third of your layers. But, let's save the details for after the jump.

Monday, December 10, 2012

You guys ready to see my mother's naked legs?

Huzzah! A Pony Party!

That's all I have, stay safe and kick ass Pony Nation! Oh and look at my Scootaloo emblem!

Saturday, December 8, 2012

This is it Boys, This is ClOps!

Well, clan op is Saturday at 1PM EST, but we're too tired to organize it. So get on if you like and get a medal, but we're not planning anything crazy.

Monday, December 3, 2012

MLP . . . For the Win?

Yay Fluttershy commented on his disappointment that we were only 14th in the kill confirmed clan op. This pleases me.

"But John, what's so great about Yay Fluttershy being an incorrigible curmudgeon?" 

LET ME TELL YOU! I've heard a lot of sentiment like this, and it shows me that the [Pony] clan still has the will to push ourselves and go for top marks in clan ops. So I'm proposing that we go for another kill confirmed clan op win . . . whenever the hell the next KC ClOp is. 

Now I'm sure everyone reads this blog religiously, but just in case, I'll be asking around the clan personally to gauge the level of interest in this next endeavor and to start putting together parties. We've got 89 people in the clan and I've seen as many as 40 at a time on, so I don't think we'll have too terrible of a time putting this together. Comment on this post, send me a message, post on our clan page on Elite. Just let me know what your position is, bronies.

Previously, we didn't have a good idea of who was willing to participate, so this time I'm just plopping everyone's names down. Remember, we don't even know when the next KC is yet so I'm not trying to put parties together or anything. This is just a list of everyone so far who is ready, able and willing to play 3 solid hours in pursuit of a [Champion's Badge].

I NeoSpectre I                Guitar Buddha                 Wharrrrrrgarble                JiaJohn
VikingRunesmith          Yay Fluttershy                 Odd Tevin                            Ridiculous Pony
That Fluttershy              CMCxSoarin                    Dangeresque13                   Vorpal Renegade
Synaesthios                     PenguinEmperor            Jojokanojojo                       Defilement
Marsbringer, Immortal Emperor of Bronies and Holy Protector against the Void
Wrz Away                        ForsakenGenesis             Di5CoRD                               RainbowDash7777

And now, because I'm silly and loathe to end on a serious note, here's a video of baby chinchillas. Seriously, these are the cutest critters ever. Go get.

JiaJohn out. 

P.S. Thank you Yay Fluttershy for being so gracious as to let me use you as an example. 

12-2-12 Kill Confirmed

Nice job guys, we pulled 14th out of 6,500 clans. Our clan-fu is clearly still strong. Our top 6 this time were I NeoSpectre I (again!), JiaJohn, Marsbringer, Ridiculous Pony, Yay Fluttershy and Vorpal Renegade. Thanks to everyone who helped us pull a solid gold medal. Here's the top 10.

Other clans will be better organized for next week so we can expect some stiffer competition, but we did fantastic this week and we should all feel warm and fuzzy inside.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

And We're Off!

We took 8th place out of over 3000 clans! Not a bad way to earn our first gold award. Thanks to everyone who participated and special congrats to our high scorer I NeoSpectre I. Here's the rest of the top 10, so that we may lavish them with praise and adulation:

You may have noticed that the actual page on Elite doesn't show any names - I took the liberty of identifying the top 10 because the system completely lost its mind - it's using everyone's Black Ops 1 emblems and actually replaced some peoples' names with others. The best part is that despite such short notice, we had 30 people play, 20 of whom had at least 100 kills. Overall, we had 4,824 kills. Not bad, [Pony] clan.

Tomorrow there will be another clan op tomorrow in our once-favorite game mode, Kill Confirmed. Games start at 5PM EST. Monday there's another team deathmatch clan op at noon EST.

Lastly, I'd just like to thank everyone again for the great turnout, and to remind everyone of our core goals: to spread love, tolerance and the pursuit of a good game, and to have everyone earn diamond encrusted gear so that we may be the bronies of the Crystal Empire.

JiaJohn out.