My Little Pony

We play Call of Duty. Sometimes, we even win. We are:

  • Mars, Bringer of Wut - Did you know that our Dear Leader shot 11 holes in one for a total 38-under par score in his first game of golf?
  • Wharrrrrrgarbl - That's me! I draw ponies and tac knife LMG MK14 LMG chumps.
  • John - His ACR whispers sweet nothings in his ear at night.
  • JP - His gold Type 95 is but one of his many moral failings.
  • Raito - Is it a MOAB? No, it's the towering flames of his rage! Wait, no, it was a MOAB two MOABs after all.
  • Skippy - We met him playing Black Ops. He's good at that, too.
  • MSTP - He is going to be in school until he is 40, and that's assuming his research project stays on schedule.
  • DANGERESQUEUEUEUEUEUE - I have watched this man slice open the intestines of a live pig.
  • rainbow dash - holy moly we have more of these than i can count
  • Redline - It turns out his grandparents lived in the apartments in Fallen. 
  • Punsy runs riot.
  • Scootaloo scoots all over people trying to cap our domination points.
  • Ghillie is a very well disguised potato.
  • REAL BOSS is the real boss when it comes to Kill Confirmed.
  • Rapture seizes our enemies.
  • And dozens and dozens more! Anybody who wants to get listed, shoot me a message on LIVE or here.
Everyone else, keep an eye out for [Pony]. My Little Pony is coming to befriend you.


  1. please can i join my GT xXTermin4T0RXx thank you i have seen your clan on elite but i cant leave a comment their so i thought i visit your site btw cool site :D my KD 1:42 please invite me thanks

    1. One of our least favorite " features" of Elite is that clans are limited to 100 members. This is really a problem for us, since we filled up in about the first week of Elite being up, and Mars still gets about 15 messages a day asking to join now. Even when we have a few slots open, it's not possible to accommodate everyone. Sorry.

    2. I Would Be A Great Contribute To The CLAN mY Gamertag Is CriTicaL AmPz And My K/D is 1:72 Yur Site Look Like It Took Alot Of Hours And I Hav A Mic .. Write Back Please And Hit Me Up On XBOX
      Peace Out.............

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    4. I would love to join the pony clan. My tag is freemanscrowbar and I hope to be able to join the pony clan on MW3. I have played with a few of the clan members, and they seem pretty cool. I don't exactly have a high KD ratio, but I hope to join the clan so I can play with others who like the show like I do. If I have a chance, Message me on LIVE please.

  2. Do you think you can squeeze in one more brony? :)
    Gt: Videogame bq3

  3. GT: NakedP0TAT0 O's are zero's. Make room for the ultimate Brony?


  4. Might consider revising mine, I changed my gamertag from Ghilli3 POtatO to Franky Berry.

  5. Could I get Mine: Balloonicorn - Him and his Mp7 are full love, fun, and murderous joy.

  6. i sent an application and hope i can join you guys (GT-FaTaL KaRiiZMa)

  7. can I join your clan? my gamertag is SwagzR and i have a 1.7 k/d ratio.. i have also sent the application on elite :)

  8. can i join your clan my gamertag is kingsora101 and i have a 1.43kd i also sent an application on elite

  9. I'd like to join the clan. My LIVE name is freemanscrowbar and i've also sent an application in.

  10. I have a 2.2 kd and I run support for whoever I go for the win when I need to and I have a mic. I do lots of call outs. My gamer tag Number1Flamingo.

    Thanks peace.