Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Coöp Warriors 3-27-2012

Not bad.
So, preliminary results are in and it looks like we got gold again! It looks like we're a little more than 100 kills short of our previous performance, which put us at 218 out of 8815 clans competing, so let's step up our game for the next one! It also seems like we've gotten our XP award already, so that's pretty cool. More discussion after the jump.

Monday, March 26, 2012


Holy moly, clan ops are back. Well, clan op is back. The good news: it's TDM! Let's shoot for top 100 this time!


Saturday, March 24, 2012


Holy moly, I just saw an awesome tutorial video. Watch the magic after the jump.



Watch out, guys, the image after the jump is pretty fucked up.


This is probably the weirdest-looking thing I have ever made for lunch.

Friday, March 23, 2012

I Love Fun Things! Part 1: Juggernauts

So we've been noodling around with juggernauts recently, and by Celestia's beard, they can be hilarious. Let's discuss after the jump.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Call for video clips!

Raito has graciously offered to put together some videos for the clan, so everybody pony up! There are three ways we can get the video to him:
  • capture it yourself and get the file to him. We want 1280 x 720 video, preferably in a .wmv container. Any codec that can be decoded by ffdshow should work. If you can host it yourself, great; if not, let me know and we'll work something out.
  • render a clip to YouTube using the tools in theatre mode. We'd prefer that these clips be less than 30 seconds. Once it's on YouTube, he can rip it.
  • put it on your file share and make him or me spend hours capturing your video. This is doable, but gives us the sads (read: is time consuming work that isn't Call of Duty or our day jobs).

Our general ideas for videos are
  • "General Awesomeness" - are you RealBaus going 40-1 on chumps on Seatown? Show us your MOAB! Are you AppleDash getting multikill stealth bombers left and right? Did you omnicide a team? Let YouTube know!
  •  Situational Awareness - If you've watched Raito's video series, you will know what I mean.
  • "LOL WUT" - Have you knifed a guy with Dead Man's Hand and lived? How about triggering a trap box to kill your greenbro, not you? Show us the lulz. 
  • "Making Campers Drink Bleach" - we hate these guys. Let us see you giving them their just deserts! 
So, that's basically it! Get some clips of ponies rocking face, and let us know in the comments how we should get to it - your tag in the clan roster and where it is in your fileshare, where you've hosted it online, a youtube link, whatever. Show us your MOABS moves!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Grievious Bastardrie of Towne-Uppon-Sea

As astute readers know, Seatown is a pleasant vacation spot with many narrow nooks and crannies, but also a few wide avenues overlooked by shops and houses. Vagrants and the morally corrupt, however, infest its corners, and I encourage readers to review "Overcoming Common Bastardrie" for an overview of their practices. Even for those familiar with Seatown and its environs, there are a few basic principles which cannot be overstated, to wit:
  • Check corners in unfamiliar buildings.
  • If local bandits have taken firm hold of a thoroughfare, avoidance is a reasonable tactic. One should certainly not charge into their sights over and over and over.
  • Familiarity with callouts and the magic of friendship are vital to overcoming serious challenges.
Even having understood those basics, all those who have attempted to devise bastardproof strategies have found themselves confronted with ever more prodigious bastards. I here attempt to describe some of them.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Even More Clan Ops Nonsense

So, good news and slightly frustrating news! Good news: we got our op rewards, and are now level 24! Woooooo!

Frustrating news: we came in 109th place out of 12894! It's not in the top 100, so curses. It is, however, in the 99th percentile of clans participating - that is, we're not just better than 9/10 clans, we're better than 99/100 at TDM (at 4 AM PST)!

We'll do a post about the magic of friendship and how it can help us win more of these (sneak peek: INCOMING SONIC RAINBOOM), but for now, we should feel pretty good about how great we did! Keep practicing, everypony!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

More Clan Ops Nonsense

So BeachHead has apparently finished verifying the February 24-26 ops!

We’ve completed winner verification for Feb 24-26 Clan Operations. Congratulations to the winners! Check your ELITE accounts for prizing.
Followed by the inevitable
We're aware that some clans may not have received their Clan XP reward and are working to resolve. Thanks for your patience.

grate jorb

In other news, the op leaderboards are now up! They are also riddled with "No Data" entries (probably banned boosters), so it's hard to tell if we got into the top 100 in any of the ops - the odds are pretty slim for the Domination ones, but I think we have a chance at the TDM one (for reference, the current #101 clan had 2,050 kills, compared to our 2,027). Also worth noting are the "No Data" entries in the silver leaderboards. I mean, really? They couldn't even boost to gold?

Bottom line: top 100 or not, we kicked a lot of ass. Let's hit top 100 next time!

PS I also started a Twitter account for the clan. I guess we can put quick tips that don't really merit a full post there?

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Sonic Prestigeboom, Part 5: Diversity and Specialist

I'm special
You may have noticed a recurring theme in this series: completing challenges is very important to prestiging quickly. Let's do some arithmetic after the jump.