Friday, August 31, 2012

ClOp 8/31/12

Well only three people played this ClOp. Me, DestroyedMetal, and l NeoSpectre l. Neo need to join this clan.



Team 1-
ForsaknGenesis (TC)
Dual Comm
GrottyNeckbread (beard)
Threat Illusion

Team 2- WubWubPonies
Me (Ridiculous Pony) (TC)
l NeoSpectre l
Servant of Luna
Lil Miss Rarity

Team 3- John's Chinchilla's
JiaJohn (TC)
Saga Swift

Team 4- Discorderly Conduct
Di5C0RD (TC)
Ew Dirt

Team 5

Team 6

It's not official but if you have any concerns, leave a comment or message me on XBL. I will get team names or you can make your own.
Note: TC is Tag Collector

Your Friday Moment of Zen

Gameplay by Cottonfield101

Monday, August 27, 2012

ClOp Organization Update

Hey everypony I'm trying my best to organize for the two upcoming ClOps and I need more people. I need a total of 36 players plus a few backups for those who can't make it, so it would help if you guys message me by Thursday night; so I can spend all day Friday getting the teams together. Also remember if you do have a problem, still make sure to message me by Thursday night, so on and so on. I forgot to say that we only 10 active players and I need 26 more.
Also remember, "Teamwork is the key to Love,Tolerate,and Friendship " ~Ridiculous Pony.

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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Team Defender

Team Defender

Objective: In Team Defender, each side fights for possession of a points-boosting flag, dropped by the first player to get taken out in the match. The first player to grab the flag grants a 2x point bonus to their entire team. Every kill scores 100 points, while the other team scores only 50 per kill. If the player carrying the flag is downed, the flag drops and is up for grabs. The first team to secure 7500 points or end the match with the highest point value wins.

Details: A game all about teamwork and defense, if the enemy has the flag you must all work together to gain the flag back. If you (in this case, the team) have the flag, obviously you still need to be a team to protect the flag carrier; if you are rushing to protect the flag carrier be careful. The spawns tend to flip if you run into enemy terroritory and it will spawn flip them behind you, causing rage.

Killstreaks: Support: Defense:

1: UAV- To locate the enemies, so they won’t kill the flag carrier and to also keep the streak going for other defense members.

2: Ballistic Vest: One of the key Killstreaks to have in Team Defender because it keeps you, your teammates, and the flag carrier alive longer. Also to help you survive explosives.

3: Recon Drone:  This is also a key killstreak and a XP machine; you guys know already what the recon drone does.

Flag Carrier:

1: UAV- Look at Defense

2: Ballistic Vest- Look at Defense

3: Recon Jug- Can make you an indestructible flag carrier, just don’t run into groups of enemies.


Defense: Whatever gets you kills

Flag Carrier: Can try going for an assault jug but same as defense anything you want.

Both: Anything


Primary:  Defense: Anything, Flag Carrier: Anything but your best friend is (shockingly) the riot shield.
Secondary: Anything
Lethal: Anything
Perk 1: Anything
Perk 2: Defense: Anything, Flag Carrier: Blast Shield
Perk 3: Stalker or Stalker Pro or Sitrep or Sitrep Pro
Deathstreak: Anything

COD Elite’s Suggestions:

Flag Carrier: Riot Shield w/ Speed
Skorpion w/ Extended Mags
Throwing Knife
Perk 1: Blind Eye
Perk 2: Blast Shield (Pro)
Perk 3: Steady Aim (Pro)
Killstreak: Support: UAV, Airdrop Trap, SAM Turret
Deathstreak: Juiced

Defense: G36C w/ Kick and Red Dot Sight
Frag Grenade
Flash Bang
Perk 1: Sleight of Hand
Perk 2: Hardline
Perk 3: Stalker (Pro)
Killstreak: Assault: Predator Missile, Precision Airstrike, Wall-E
Deathstreak: Hollow Points

( ) means or pro

Holding the Flag Tips:

Beware of Open Areas, Especially if there’s a helicopter and you don’t have Blind eye.

Always stay near your teammates.

If you setup a Trophy System, don’t sit next to the trophy. Sometimes, the trophy system can detect a explosive within a 5 feet radius.

Tips for everypony:

Team Defender requires a mix of lockdown and mobile tactics in order to stay in possession of the flag. Communicate with your teammates to keep updated on the enemy’s movement at all times, letting the flag-carrier know when it’s time to stay put and when to evacuate. Designate players to protect the flag-carrier, but also have others go on the offensive. Each kill is worth twice as many points to your team, so don’t be afraid to confront the approaching enemy.

The team without the flag needs to coordinate their efforts more cautiously to retrieve the flag. Each reckless advance could feed the flag-carrying team with valuable kills. Assess the areas near the flag-carrier, call out potential threats, and gain possession of the flag to turn the tables.

I hope most of you guys will find this helpful.

~Ridiculous Pony

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Organization for ClOp

Well, Wharrrrrrgarbl was nice enough to give a contributor spot, Apparently most of our clan members want to win a champion badge but it requires alot of organization. So regarding to what John,Whar,and Mars did back in May to win our first Champion badge, I'm being put in charge of organization. I'm only doing this because I'm  trying to save time for John,Whar,and Mars (of course had been busy for the past weeks or months). So how is this going to work out? Well I need to know, if anyone is willing to participate in the Clan Op. It will be better if you tell me now than later because remember I'm putting the matter of 80-something clan members in my hands. If you have a problem, make sure to message me before the clan op; and also make sure you warn me about special events during a clan op weekend before the weekend. So I need people to comment or send me a message on XBL if you are going to attend, also make sure to put your K/D, Killstreaks you prefer to use, and who you would like to play with. Yeah that's pretty much I can say about this, you can comment or send me a message just in case I missed thing; and stay tuned for my article on Team Defender and get free tactics.

~Ridiculous Pony 

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Meet Your Clan Mate, GrottyNeckbeard

This week we have GrottyNeckbeard, formally know as I R A BRONY. He's a pretty cool dude. I wish I had more to say about him but he kept the interview so short. Check it out after the break.
GrottyNeckbeard's Xbox Live avatar

Sunday, August 19, 2012

This is neat.

Check this out.
Anyone with average times over 170ms is getting kicked out of the clan. >:|

Friday, August 17, 2012


The scope in Black Ops 2 which sees through walls? The balancing factor is that it only sees stationary targets.



Your Friday Moment of Zen

Gampley by Cottonfield101

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Meet Your Clan Mate, JiaJohn

This week, we have JiaJohn. Everybody probably knows him since he deals with recruitment stuff. He's a very popular pony in our clan and always keeps his MP7 close to him. Enjoy the interview after the jump. It sure is a interesting one.
JiaJohn's OC

Friday, August 10, 2012

My Little Pony

We play Call of Duty. Usually, we win. We are:
  • Mars, Bringer of Wut (Marsbringer)- Did you know that our Dear Leader shot 11 holes in one for a total 38-under par score in his first game of golf? He also bowled a perfect 300 his first time bowling. 

  • Wharrrrrrgarbl - That's our minister of propaganda! He draws ponies and tac knife LMG MK14 LMG's chumps.
  • JiaJohn - I was born with an MP7 in one hand and the fiery determination to spread its love in my heart. Some say I'm more MP7 than man. 
  • REALBAUS - When not earning 4 M.O.A.B.s a day, he's running our "Meet your Clanmate" section. 
  • Raito - Even so long after his departure from the game, we still tell legends of his 360 quickscopes and double M.O.A.B.
  • o Apple Dash o (Skippy Otter) - Artist, musician, virtual mass murderer. We met him playing Black Ops. He's good at that, too.
  • MSTP - He is going to be in school until he is 40, and that's assuming his research project stays on schedule. If you see him, wish him well on his quest to SAVE THE WORLD.
  • DANGERESQUE13 - I have watched this man slice open the intestines of a live pig. He smiled the entire time. The pig survived. True story. 
  • Vikingrunesmith, smith of runes - our most well aged member. Like a well aged Gouda, he brings flavor to our parties. Also he will crush you with a care package, but only out of love. 
  • Punsy Charlatan is the stickiest of all ponies and frankly is undefeated in domination clan ops; he is strangely obsessed with jam. Hugh Jelly?
  • Grottyneckbeard - I don't understand this still, but it makes me feel itchy. His name used to be I ARE A BRONY.  
  • DI5CoRD is our two headed ogre - is it the one or is it his brother? Either one will crush you in-game. 
  • REALBAUS - Did I mention he's a real boss? Legend says that behind his beard is just another M.O.A.B.
  • Rapture IV seizes our enemies.
  • The Wet Onion - This fellow's an artist too, and he's been with the clan forever. Don't let his name fool you, he's really a moist radish. 
  • xFlutterage - Our resident Frenchman with mad skills. He actually used to speak English before he caught the cutie pox . . . "Qu'est-ce que c'est?! Je parle Francais!"
  • Private Pansy - He enlisted for the plots. If he keeps up the good work, he just might someday become Sergeant Pansy. 
  • And dozens and dozens more! Anybody who wants to get listed, shoot me a message on LIVE or here.
  • Everyone else, keep an eye out for [Pony]. My Little Pony is coming to befriend you. If, perchance, you would like to be more proactive, seek out any of these fine fellows and try to play a few games with them.

    Also, Whar, please make the background color work again :( 


    Your Friday Moment of Zen

    Gameplay by Dear Leader

    Wednesday, August 8, 2012

    Meet Your Clanmate, VikingRunesmith

    This week, VikingRunesmith has taken some time to answer some questions about himself for the clan. A cool guy, big Dr. Who fan, and an all around good player, Viking is somebody you need on your team. Check out his interview after the jump.
    VikingRunesmith's OC

    Friday, August 3, 2012

    Dat Hotfix for 08/03/12

    On the 1st of August, IW released a hotfix buffing a couple of assult rifles and SMGs. However, this hotfix was not in effect until two days later. Many of you might have seen the hotfix release notes on COD Elite or on the COD offical forums.

    This includes:
    FAD: increaded long range damage and increase damage range
    M16A4: increase close range damage and fire rate
    AK47: reduced gun kick.
    UMP45: increased long range damage
    MP5: increased fire rate
    PM9: reduced view kick and gun kick

    Now you may be asking yourself: "But REALBAUS, this isn't really specific. How much does this actually affect the guns?" Well check the jump below where I will go into detail over each gun. Enjoy!

    Your Friday Moment of Zen

    Gameplay by Cottonfield101

    Wednesday, August 1, 2012

    Meet You Clan Mate, Cottonfield101

    For this week's Meet Your Clan Mate Cottonfield has decided to answer some questions about himself. If you've ever played with this guy, you know how quirky his personality is. He's one of few members in our clan that writes fanfics too. Check out the interview after the jump.
    Cottonfield's OC
    I need more volunteers who are willing to be interviewed. Don't make me choose.