Friday, March 29, 2013

Strip Search!

So, I've been watching Strip Search because I love cartoons and like reality television; anyone else following? I actually just finished writing an e-mail to one of the contestants, which I'll throw after the jump, but if anyone else is interested/watching, we can make episode discussions a regular thing.

Hi, Lexxy! Just watched Strip Search episode 9, and I have to say that not only do I think I generally agree more with your approach to interaction, the attitude Scott Kurtz displays is one of my least favorite things about the culture that surrounds Penny Arcade. Now, I realize that I'm basing my take on the interaction in large part on less than 5 minutes of edited video, but, especially given that group's history (Kurtz's various internet spats, dickwolves nonsense, etc.) I do see it as another example of their attitude that because they are good people, they have good intentions and criticisms that their behavior is inappropriate can be met with ridicule.

This is a pretty common response to criticism, and I sometimes do it myself, but I find it really grating when the response to "What you did offended me" is "I don't think it was offensive". As a self-described asshole, Mike Krahulik is well within his rights to say "I don't give two shits about how you feel" (and I suppose that when your audience gets big enough you inevitably start to encounter people you really don't give two shits about how they feel), but the "I don't think it was offensive" argument boils down to "Not only do I think that I deserve the benefit of the doubt because I know that I'm a good person inside, but if you are upset by something I did it is probably because YOU have a problem." It really is an asshole's way of engaging the world. It's kind of annoying that enough people buy into it that criticizing it got you put up for elimination.

Anyway, that's not an easy thought to communicate, especially on the fly, but know that you're not alone in wanting to engage the world like somebody other than Scott Kurtz. I did like Katie's response to the "You're a sad sack" prompt; I don't think it reads "I'm a sad sack" so much as a more subtle "Hey, asshole, I look forward to your simultaneous brilliant oeuvre and perfect coiffure".

In conclusion, I like your blog.

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