Thursday, February 27, 2014


Recently I've played the Titanfall beta and spent around 6-8 hours on it. Many of you might have heard about it or played the beta. But does it live up to the hype? The TLDR version is yes. This game is like COD on crack. Read more after the jump. Do you remember your first game playing COD and experiencing that euphoria of shooting people and calling in kill streak after kill streak? That's Titanfall. Playing my first game on PC was a rush. The game is very fast paced and places an emphasis on mobility. Camping is almost non-existent. I don't recall there ever being some guy chilling in a corner.
This guy...
MOST kills seemed fair with none of that bull shit you see in COD. Which made for a enjoyable experience.  Connection seemed stable though I was getting high pings sometimes (but that might be due to shared internet usage).  Not once did I see a host migration. I'm not sure if sever were dedicated though. 
Atlas, Ogre, Stryder
The best thing about the game though is piloting a titan. In the beta the Atlas was the only titan available but there were also ways to test out the another two titans.  Each titan is unique.  Atlas is a balanced titan with moderated speed and armor. Ogre is your tank. Think slow and hardy. Stryder is the most nimble of the three but comes with the least armor.  Everybody eventually gets access to a titan during a match but the more players you kill or use burn cards (kinda like a single perk that you can use once per life) decreases your build time. You can also customize your loadout of certain titans.  What's great about titans is that they promote team play.  You have to make sure that enemy titans don't gang up you by bringing in your own team of titans.  Some players may have to put their titans in AI mode in order to ensure that enemy pilots don't hop on you titan and destroy it (I found out that this is one of the most efficient ways to bring down a titan)

Titanfall isn't without its negatives though. The one most thing that bothered me was the one hit kill melee. I can't stand one hit kill melee attacks but this is just my personal opinion. Hit detection with the melee also seemed a bit off. My other complaint is the AI bots. These guys are the most brain dead AI in a video game ever.   

I could write a lot more about this game but there are tons of other info you can find online. All I know is that game is way to much fun and my doubt on this game disappear after one game. I'll be playing Titanfall on March 11 (release date) on PC, so if any of you guys decide to pick this up let me know! You can still find me as REALBAUS on Origin, just let me know who you are if you add me as a friend.

If you've played the Titanfall or have any questions leave them in the comments below! Do it or I will hunt you down :D

On a side note it's sad to see this clan grow inactive. School's been keeping me really busy. In order to try to get this clan active-ish again I'm going to try to keep this blog updated with stuff. I've mainly moved on to PC gaming so find me online as REALBAUS on Steam if you have it.

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  1. In a rush many mistakes maybe I dunno.

  2. Game looks really kickass! I'll be getting it for the Xbox One if anyone is on there. As people play when the game comes out, there will be more flaws that will be noticed. But so far it got me hooked also. I'm gunna drop COD once this is out lolololol.

  3. Hey there. Not to sure if anyone checks this site anymore but just wanted to say something. This community of ours was an incredible part of me growing up. Not going too much into the details, but you all have changed my life. When this clan was active and full of life, I could always get on and be greeted by some of the most friendly people I have meet over the interwebs. I guess this is basically a thank you to this clan and all of you in it. If any of you are still active on xbox just send a friend request to Jojokanojojo and we can play. Thank you, everypony.